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Since mid 2013 we are developing the Mobile Event App (MEA), our interactive event solution for modern event presentation and have been continuously working on expanding its functionality and usability. We can now bolster over 40 features in our standard version, with which the app is able to meet the requirements of corporate events, trade fairs and conferences.

2015 marked the beginning of a new development phase for the MEA – the expansion to a multi event solution. The upgrade to a multi event app enables customers to manage and present multiple events within the same app.

In 2020 we will now update our underlying infrastructure and make it future-proof. This will shorten development times and allow us to be more flexible, to implement individual customer requests and wishes.

Qualification programming language „Go“ for app development

We are about to perform a technological shift. Until now our backend development was performed in PHP. This basis will be changed to the programming language “Go”.

The shift is necessary, to efficiently fulfill the demands of our customers and thus strengthen our competitive capacity, due to the simplicity of an orderly syntax and the high-performance, which are the biggest advantages of Go. The low memory requirements of Go applications and the integrated parallelization make this programming language an especially suitable language for our services, like for example our mobile apps.

Future Outlook

By switching to new systems, we enhance our development processes and draw all advantages from newly established standards. This will enable us to access new use cases for customers, which weren’t possible with the current system architecture.

The further qualification of our development team and the switch to these new standards, will strengthen our customer retention, due to the ability to implement individual wishes more cost effective and efficient during the development phase. It will also support us to gain new customers, because the infrastructural application requirements of our apps will be drastically improved.

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