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Since mid 2013 we are developing the Mobile Event App (MEA), our interactive event solution for modern event presentation and have been continuously working on expanding its functionality and usability. We can now bolster over 40 features in our standard version, with which the app is able to meet the requirements of corporate events, trade fairs and conferences.

2015 marked the beginning of a new development phase for the MEA – the expansion to a multi event solution. The upgrade to a multi event app enables customers to manage and present multiple events within the same app.

In 2020 we will now update our underlying infrastructure and make it future-proof. This will shorten development times and allow us to be more flexible, to implement individual customer requests and wishes.

Business management consulting for the management

Focal points include analysis, modeling, digitization and implementation of information-processing business processes, as well as the creation of a process manual. Furthermore, a harmonization of the existing ISMS documentation, a structural analysis of the information assets as well as the development of the security concept (of the ISMS) according to ISO 27001 are targeted. This includes a central authorization and logging concept and data protection conformity. In addition, a service provider control, as well as a definition and implementation of the vulnerability analysis and business continuity management (BCM) will be carried out. Finally, a risk analysis is performed on the basis of the structural analysis.

Business management process support for the management

This includes process support for the implementation of measures in accordance with deviations from conformity and risk analyses. The results from the security audits already carried out, based on ISO 27001, are evaluated here. Conclusions drawn from this are defined in measures, the implementation of which is planned on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, a risk treatment plan is implemented and tracked. Finally, the commissioning of the ISMS and the final preparation for certification are targeted.

Intensive consulting and process support

Funding includes management consulting on the design of SEA marketing efforts.